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Looking for a new computer, laptop or tablet but just not sure what you want or need? CPU speed, memory options and other specifications can easily become confusing and even frustrating. Allow our years of experience to work for you, by simplifying the search and eliminating the frustrations of purchasing a new piece of hardware.

Setting up a new network or upgrading your existing system? We can ensure your network runs as fast as possible, with considerations for cabling type, switch capacity and location, and future expansion opportunities. We recommend and install servers, network, and storage systems that are designed for growth and capacity expansion, saving upgrade and replacement costs later.

We can design your IT system and include planning for rack and space considerations, UPS and redundant power, and assist in coordination of environmental condition considerations (AC, Heat, Humidity, Etc.).

We also offer individual computer systems for residential use. Please contact us to discuss your system requirements and we will find the correct system for your specific needs.

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